23rd September

How to install Bower on Debian system

Bower is something like framework, utility, or library which can help us to manage components of our website. It regularly monitors all components and checks if there are some available updates. In this tutorial will be described how you can install Bower on Ubuntu 18.04 and on the Debian system.

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18th August

Description of permissions of groups and users in Linux

In Linux-based systems, there is the concept of “users group” and “permissions”. In this article, I will describe what means that groups and permissions of this groups, but if you want to know how to work with them see this.

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3rd April

How to create new user and group in Linux

Creating new users and groups in Linux systems is very important because you can give permissions allow users to changing your files. You should understand how you need to create users and groups and what permissions you can give them.

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11th April

How to install wget in Red Hat system

Wget is free and open source tool for download files from web repositories. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP protocols. In this article is described how you can install “wget” on your Debian system but if you want to know how to install it on Debian system check this.

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27th March

How to upgrade Ubuntu to Ubuntu 18.04

In Linux systems it is a good idea periodically update the system. In this article you can recognize how to update the version of Ubuntu from current to Ubuntu 18.04. To update your system version you should fully update and upgrade your current version of Ubuntu with “apt”...

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