How to create a cPanel account within WHM

8th September
How to create a cPanel account within WHM

You are allowed to create individual cPanel accounts within WHM. In this article we will describe how you can do that.

Step 1

You need to log in to your WHM account. In the field “Username” use “root”.

Step 2

In the left menu click on “Account Functions”.

Step 3

Then choose “Create a New Account”.

Now you should fill details for the new account

Step 4

In the section “Domain Information” enter your “Domain”, “Username”, “Password”, write again password in “Re-type password” then there is a label in which you can see how secure your password is and the last field is “Email”.

Step 5

the “Package” section you need to select the package which you have already created or you can select “Select Options Manually” and set those limitations now.

Step 6

The next is “Settings” section. Here you should choose the “cPanel theme” and language for the user.

Step 7

“Reseller Settings”. If you can create new cPanel account it means that you have reseller permission. In this section you can decide if this new account will have WHM access and is allowed to create accounts themselves.

Step 8

“DNS Settings”. Here you should choose which nameservers will be set in the records and the SPF and DKIN records which will be hold in the local DNS nameserver tables.

Step 9

“Mail Routing Settings”. Decide how the server processes e-mail for this particular domain. For example, should he try to deliver email locally or look at external MX records and solve? It is recommended you to use “Automatic configuration determination” if you are not sure about this parameter.

Step 10

And finally click on “create” button.

That is all. Now you have new cPanel account which has been created within WHM.

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