How to install SSL certificate in cPanel

28th June
How to install SSL certificate in cPanel

Before install SSL certificate in your server necessary that the Certificate Authority activate your certificate. If it is already ready follow the steps below to install it:

Step 1

Log in to your cPanel account.

Step 2

Find the section security and click on “SSL/TLS Manager”.

Step 3

Under “Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)” are “Manage SSL sites” click on it.

Note: there are some hosting providers that haven’t the option “Manage SSL Sites” in their cPanel. In this case you need to contact your webhost provider for assistance.

Step 4

Now open the certificate file that has been received by Certificate Authority using appropriate text editor, copy the text including “-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- here will be some text -----END CERTIFICATE-----“ and paste it into the “Certificate: (CRT)” box.

Note: received certificate will be located in the “ *your domain*.ctr ” file which Certificate Authority send to you in the email.

Step 5

After that click on the ”Auto fill by Certificate” button. You will get the domain name and the private key generated by the system. You can also generate CRS code and private key on other server and export it on the other one on which you want to install your SSL certificate. During SSL certificate installation you need just copy generated private key on your server into “Private Key: (KEY)” box.

Step 6

If the box “Certificate Authority Bundle (CABUNDLE)” isn’t filled you need copy and paste the chain of intermediate certificates (CA Bundle). If you want to use this certificate for e-mail services (Exim and Dovecot), select the "Enable SNI for email services" check box.

Step 7

And the most difficult step click on the “Install Certificate”.

Now your site is accessible via https://.

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