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8th September

How to create a cPanel account within WHM

You are allowed to create individual cPanel accounts within WHM. In this article we will describe how you can do that.

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29th August

How can I allow or deny access to my site with .htaccess file

Via .htaccess file, you can allow or deny access to your site not only the certain user but also, group of users, users depended on their country, or you can allow/deny access to your file on a specific time during the day, you are allowed to allow/deny access from some IP addresses.

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28th August

How to create backups in cPanel WHM

Now we will describe you how to create backups in WHM cPanel. Here are second question why create full backups file. Because that file includes all account files, databases, email accounts and settings and if you want to modify any main data or migrate your site on other server we recommend you to create full backup file.

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25th August

How to make visible .htaccess file via cPanel

By default .htaccess file and many others are hidden. If you want to configure that file, you should make it visible. Follow these steps to make visible .htaccess file.

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2nd August

How to restore full backups via WHM

There are two types of cPanel themes “cPanel paper_lantern” and “cPanel x3 theme”. We will describe to you how you can restore full backups in both cases.

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