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11th March

How to install Wget on Debian system

Wget is free and open source tool for download files from web repositories. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP protocols. In this article is described how you can install “wget” on your Debian system but if you want to know how to install it on Red Hat system check ...

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24th December

How to change permissions of group and user

There are some ways to change permissions of group or ownership the files or directories. Let’s see how you can do that but if you want to know what means the permissions check this. To see files permissions use the command below...

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24th August

How to install LAPP on Centos 7

LAPP is Apache, PostgreSQL and PHP for Linux. It’s like LAMP (Apache, MySQL (using MariaDB) and PHP), but instead of MySQL here has been used PostgreSQL. To install LAPP on Centos 7 follow the steps below…

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22nd August

How to install LAMP on Red Hat system

LAMP is a stake of software components and includes Apache web server, MySQL (MariaDB) database, and PHP programming language. Let’s install the LAMP on your Red Hat system. At first, let’s install Apache web server.

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20th August

How to install PHP 7.x on CentOS

This article will help you to install PHP 7 on your CentOS system. To install PHP 7 , first of all, you need to enable EPEL yum repositories by using the following command….

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