27th August

What means Hyper text transfer protocol (HTTP) status codes

Every HTTP transaction has a status code which the server sent to us. In this way, server defines how it has handled the transaction. It is done with status codes. There are several groups of codes and each of them means either a response, or an error. Let’s see the groups of status codes.

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25th August

How to make visible .htaccess file via cPanel

By default .htaccess file and many others are hidden. If you want to configure that file, you should make it visible. Follow these steps to make visible .htaccess file.

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24th August

How to install LAPP on Centos 7

LAPP is Apache, PostgreSQL and PHP for Linux. It’s like LAMP (Apache, MySQL (using MariaDB) and PHP), but instead of MySQL here has been used PostgreSQL. To install LAPP on Centos 7 follow the steps below…

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22nd August

How to install LAMP on Red Hat system

LAMP is a stake of software components and includes Apache web server, MySQL (MariaDB) database, and PHP programming language. Let’s install the LAMP on your Red Hat system. At first, let’s install Apache web server.

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21st August

All status codes

As you know or even if you don’t know, there are 5 groups of status codes. If you want to know what each group means, you can check this. And here you can see all status codes explanations.

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