13th August

How to install LAPP on Debian system

About LAPP: It includes four of the most popular software components Apache, PostgreSQL, and PHP. The LAMP is used to develop forums, blogs, and so on. Let’s start the installation of LAPP on your “Debian 9”.

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2nd August

How to restore full backups via WHM

There are two types of cPanel themes “cPanel paper_lantern” and “cPanel x3 theme”. We will describe to you how you can restore full backups in both cases.

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28th June

How to install SSL certificate in cPanel

Before install SSL certificate in your server necessary that the Certificate Authority activate your certificate. If it is already ready follow the steps below to install it...

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27th June

How to move mails from a cpanel to the other

When you want to move your hosting in other server you can have problems with moving mails from old cPanel to new. For example you can lost some mails or worse all information.

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26th June

Error explanation postGreSql

Why we become the error: [53300] FATAL: remaining connection slots are reserved for non-replication superuser connections

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